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 Create Your Own "China" and "Asia" Patterns

1) China and the Orient are a vast and fascinating region. The high speed of economic growth has elevated this region into one of the most important and noteworthy area in the world. With more ways to explore it than there are tales in the Arabian Nights, we have devised a novel variation to help you and your friends see those parts that interest you most.
2) Plan you own tour and share the experience with friends, family or people of mutual interest. We have developed an expertise in this field, can do the research for you and offer you all the possibilities.
3) Give us a budget in any range: affordable, comfortable or deluxe. In the Orient and China, you can find the full spectrum. It all depends on the hotels you select; the airlines you pick and the routing you want to follow. These and other factors contribute to the kind of tour we can plan for you, to help you see China and the Orient on the kind of budget that's good for you.
4) Join a special interest tour. If you can find five couples (or ten individuals) with similar interests, we can tailor a tour that caters to your interests. This gives us a chance to arrange special visit, educational exchanges, provide seminars. You can see areas that groups don't normally see. You tell us what you want. We arrange it to your needs.
5) Go with a group. This is the most popular way to travel. Select a program, reserve it with your travel agent and you are set. Group tours are all-inclusive, with airfare, transfers, accommodations, meals, sightseeing, special features.
6) Our credentials for creating a tailor-made program for you are impeccable. Our best recommendations are the many groups, who have come to us to arrange their trips to China and the Orient


Design your own itinerary and program for individuals, small groups from 2 to 9 participants as well as any group size of 10 participants or more

What could be more exciting than designing your own trip to China and the Orient? Including on your itinerary all the cities and attractions you want to see? C & D Global Specialists Inc. is proud to make available to you this unique experience, with our well-established relationship with China International Travel Service as well as renown tour operator in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore which enables us to help you to plan your vacation according to your schedule and convenience. The following suggestion is an example of the number of cities you can visit within the number of days you have:

5 days - Two Cities

    1. Beijing/Xian
    2. Beijing/Shanghai
    3. Tokyo/Hong Kong

7- 8 days - Three Cities or Four Cities

    1. Beijing/Xian/Shanghai
    2. Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong
    3. Beijing/Xian/Guilin
    4. Kunming/Jinghong/Hong Kong
    5. Shanghai/Xian/Guilin/Guangzhou
    6. Beijing/Shanghai/Suzhou/Hangzhou
    7. Taipei/Hong Kong/Bangkok
    8. Tokyo/Kyoto/Nara/Osaka

10 days - Five Cities

    1. Beijing/Nanjing/Wuxi/Suzhou/Shanghai
    2. Beijing/Xian/Shanghai/Hangzhou/Guangzhou
    3. Beijing/Xian/Shanghai//Guilin/Hong Kong
    4. Beijing/Chengdu/Lhasa(Tibet)

12 days - Five Cities

    1. Shanghai/Beijing/Hong Kong/Bangkok/Singapore
    2. Tokyo/Hong Kong/Bangkok/Phuket/Chiang Mai
    3. Taipei/Hong Kong/Kathmandu/Bangkok/Singapore
    4. Beijing/Shanghai/Yangtze River cruise/Wuhan/Hongkong


We also offer two programs available under the Super EZ Pak label, one a basic package, the second an all-inclusive arrangement:

MINI SUPER EZ PAK - Covers basic travel arrangements in China with the following features:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transfers between airports and hotels
  • Domestic transportation
  • China visa service
  • Daily breakfast

FULL SUPER EZ PAK - All-inclusive, independent tour package with pre-confirmed arrangements before departure:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Private car sightseeing with English-speaking guide
  • Transfers between airport and hotels
  • Domestic transportation
  • Baggage handling
  • China visa service


The capital of China for over 700 years, is China's most prominent city. Known for its significance throughout history, it now serves as the political, cultural and communications center of the People's Republic of China. Here are some of the many historic sites with architectural wonders:

The Great Wall - It is the only man-made structure on Earth visible to the naked eye from the moon. With approximate 3,946.5 miles long and at least 2,600 years old, it is the true wonder of the world.

Temple of Heaven - Built in 1420 and restored in 1890, it is one of the most photographed buildings in the world. The Hall of Prayer for good harvests is one of several structures.

Ming Tombs - There are 13 Ming Dynasty emperors buried here at Shisanling Dingling, the tomb of the 13th emperor Wan Li has been completely excavated and can be visited underground. The famous Sacred Way of Stone Animals still stands guards.

Summer Palace - This was the rest and recreation area of the royal families as far back as 1000 A.D. The ground includes Longevity hall and Kunming Lake and covers some 700 acres. Some of the most attractions are the Long Corridor with its Painted Gallery, the famous Marble Boat, the Seventeen Arched Bridge and the Bronze Bullock Guard.

Among other famous sites are the Palace Museum, Tiananmen Square, the Panda House at the Beijing Zoo, Lamaist Temple, etc. You 'll also have the opportunity to attend a cultural performance, such as the Beijing Opera and partake in a sumptuous, world-renowned Beijing Duck Dinner.

Shanghai - The "Big Apple" of the Orient, is China's most bustling port city. A Trend-setting metropolis in both politics and fashions, it shows the contemporary China in action. On visit to Shanghai, you'll see the Bund (Shanghai's waterfront) with its views of the Huang Pu river traffic, enjoy walks through the Jade Buddha Temple and Yu Garden, visit a carpet and jade carving factory, the delightful Children's Palace during school period.

Xian - Xian is where Chinese history originated and flourished. Previously the ancient capital of eleven dynasties and the starting point for the famed Silk Road in the 7th century, Xian is now most famous for its tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the terra-cotta, this tomb was constructed in the 3rd century BC and excavated in 1974, contains thousands of life-size soldiers and horses. Xian is also closed to the Neolithic village of the Banjo people of some 6,000 years ago. Among other famous sites are the Dean Pagoda, Bell Tower and the Huaqing Hot Springs.

Guilin - With stunning landscape, Guilin served as an inspiration to China's greatest artists and poets. The most spectacular views are to be on a cruise of the Li River, which includes such natural wonders as Elephant's Trunk Hill and Folded Brocade Hill. One of the highlights is a guided tour through the underground Reed Flute Cave with its dramatic stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Suzhou - Renowned for its enchanting classical gardens and the lovely Grand Canal, Suzhou is known as the "Venice of the East. With more than 150 exquisite gardens that combine traditional pavilions, temples and rock sculptures. Your itinerary may included the observation of the meticulous hand embroidering, watching the techniques involved in the making of silk or fans.

Hangzhou - Filled with picturesque islands, temples and pagodas, its West Lake district is a popular place to stroll and relax. The city is also noted for China's finest tea plantations, fragrant sandalwood fans and exquisite silks.

Lhasa - Ancient capital of Tibet, is nestled some 12,000 feet above sea level in the Gyi Qu Valley amidst rough magnificent mountains and crystalline lakes. Known as the City of the Sun, you'll have the opportunity to visit the Potala Palace, the fabled abode of the Dalai Lama; the Drepung Monastery, one of the world's largest cloisters; the Jokang Temple, "Third Wonder of Lhasa" a 1300-year-old holy shrine erected over a mysterious underground lake to shelter a golden Buddha.  


Where the Jialing River meets the Yangtze, this is the main port for Sichuan river trade & Yangtze cruises, known as "the mountain city", sightseeing attractions include South Hot Spring, Mt. Jinyun and North Hot Spring. Spectacular view of the city of Chongqing can be viewed from the Pipa Shan Park during nighttime

Yangtze (Yangzi) - The Yangtze is the most historic and greatest river of Asia. Traveling in style aboard River a deluxe cruise ship, you'll sail through one of the most spectacular stretch of river Cruise scenery in the world. Among some of the famous sights were:

Fengdu - "Ghost city" with fantastic temples of underworld demons and gods. Visitors see temple complex & typical river town, there is also a park with displays of the imagined lives in hell

Xiling Gorge - Longest gorge with great rapids and odd rock formation, stretches from Xiangxi to Nanjin Pass, including Sandouping, site of the new 3 Gorges Dam

White King City - Ancient fortress guarding Sichuan, overlooks the Qutang

Wushan (Daning River Small Gorges) 301 miles from Chongqing where the Daning River meets the Yangtze, As on the other tributaries of the region, spectacular gorges have been created, A motor launch tour reveals great rustic beauty, local farming and, with luck, a glimpse of wild monkeys

Wu Gorge - Misty precipices and the one of the favorite pinnacle : the Goddess Peak, this is one of the most photogenic and poetic passage between Sichuan & Hubei Provinces.

Qutang Gorge - Grand cliffs tower

Shibaozhai - Gem of Chinese architecture., a fanciful wood red pavilion was built against a protruding 220 meter rectangular rock with sheer cliffs on the north bank, people can climb up to top of the pavilion by a spiral staircase

Yichang City (Gezhou Dam) - Known as the "Gateway of the Three Gorges", Yichang lies at the eastern exit of Xiling Gorge in west Hubei. The first ever Gezhou Dam water conservancy project of Yangtze River was completed near Yichang and the world renowned Three Gorges Dam Project is under construction here, the Three Gorges Project is the largest hydroelectric project in the world situated in Sandouping, 38km upstream from the Gazhou Dam Lock. The whole project are expected to be completed in the year of 2007

Facts about the Three Gorges Dam

Location - Sandouping Village, between Yichang County and Xiling Gorge, in Hubei Province

Height - 185 meters (606 feet)

Water Height - After completion the water will rise 175 meters (about 575 feet) above sea level

Materials needed for Construction - 10.82 million tons of cement, 1.92 million tons of rooled steel, 1.6 million cubic meters of timber

Construction period - 15 to 18 years

Wuhan - Wuhan lies where Han Shui River and Yangtze River merge with the scenic Snake Mount and Tortoise Mount stand prominently and opposite to each other across the river. Among its noted attractions is the Yellow-Crane Tower in Wuchang, the tower has been widely celebrated by Chinese poets throughout the ages


A. Basic Requirements

One completed application form.
    b. One recently taken two-inch half-length, bareheaded, full-faced photo must be photo quality with blank/light background and should be taken within 2 months of application
    c. A valid passport of at least 6 months validity from completion of trip with enough blank pages.

B. The pertinent documents required for applications for visas of different types are as follow (except the applications on which the mutual agreement has been reached between China and foreign countries):

Tourism Visa (L)

    a. In the light of some specific conditions or when necessary, a certificate of reception from a Chinese travel service and the airline ticket to the country (region) after leaving China. There are only one-entry and two-entry tourism visas to China in most cases, multiple entries are subject to case by case review and approval.

    b. An approval notice from China Tibet Tourism Bureau for applying for a visa to travel to Tibet


Visit or Business Visa (F)

    For single-entry or double-entry visit or business visa, an invitation letter
invitation telegram or invitation card from the relevant state departments of the PRC, local government above the level of township, relevant companies, business entities or non-profit governmental organizations is necessary for the application.

For multiple-entry visa, an applicant should apply with a letter of introduction from his company, together with any of the following documents (original copy required).

    a. Notification of issuance of visa from relevant department of the Chinese Government, or Government authorized company and organization.

    b. License held by the applicant for doing business or making investment in China or a certificate of approval of enterprise issued by Chinese Government.


China visa application form


  • All conditions and requirements are subject to changes without notice* For updated fees, required documents and processing time, please email us for more details.


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