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 Create Your Own "China" and "Asia" Patterns

1) China and the Orient are a vast and fascinating region. The high speed of economic growth has elevated this region into one of the most important and noteworthy area in the world. With more ways to explore it than there are tales in the Arabian Nights, we have devised a novel variation to help you and your friends see those parts that interest you most.
2) Plan you own tour and share the experience with friends, family or people of mutual interest. We have developed an expertise in this field, can do the research for you and offer you all the possibilities.
3) Give us a budget in any range: affordable, comfortable or deluxe. In the Orient and China, you can find the full spectrum. It all depends on the hotels you select; the airlines you pick and the routing you want to follow. These and other factors contribute to the kind of tour we can plan for you, to help you see China and the Orient on the kind of budget that's good for you.
4) Join a special interest tour. If you can find five couples (or ten individuals) with similar interests, we can tailor a tour that caters to your interests. This gives us a chance to arrange special visit, educational exchanges, provide seminars. You can see areas that groups don't normally see. You tell us what you want. We arrange it to your needs.
5) Go with a group. This is the most popular way to travel. Select a program, reserve it with your travel agent and you are set. Group tours are all-inclusive, with airfare, transfers, accommodations, meals, sightseeing, special features.
6) Our credentials for creating a tailor-made program for you are impeccable. Our best recommendations are the many groups, who have come to us to arrange their trips to China and the Orient


Design your own itinerary and program for individuals, small groups from 2 to 9 participants as well as any group size of 10 participants or more

What could be more exciting than designing your own trip to China and the Orient? Including on your itinerary all the cities and attractions you want to see? C & D Global Specialists Inc. is proud to make available to you this unique experience, with our well-established relationship with China International Travel Service as well as renown tour operator in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore which enables us to help you to plan your vacation according to your schedule and convenience. The following suggestion is an example of the number of cities you can visit within the number of days you have:

5 days - Two Cities

    1. Beijing/Xian
    2. Beijing/Shanghai
    3. Tokyo/Hong Kong

7- 8 days - Three Cities or Four Cities

    1. Beijing/Xian/Shanghai
    2. Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong
    3. Beijing/Xian/Guilin
    4. Kunming/Jinghong/Hong Kong
    5. Shanghai/Xian/Guilin/Guangzhou
    6. Beijing/Shanghai/Suzhou/Hangzhou
    7. Taipei/Hong Kong/Bangkok
    8. Tokyo/Kyoto/Nara/Osaka

10 days - Five Cities

    1. Beijing/Nanjing/Wuxi/Suzhou/Shanghai
    2. Beijing/Xian/Shanghai/Hangzhou/Guangzhou
    3. Beijing/Xian/Shanghai//Guilin/Hong Kong
    4. Beijing/Chengdu/Lhasa(Tibet)

12 days - Five Cities

    1. Shanghai/Beijing/Hong Kong/Bangkok/Singapore
    2. Tokyo/Hong Kong/Bangkok/Phuket/Chiang Mai
    3. Taipei/Hong Kong/Kathmandu/Bangkok/Singapore
    4. Beijing/Shanghai/Yangtze River cruise/Wuhan/Hongkong


We also offer two programs available under the Super EZ Pak label, one a basic package, the second an all-inclusive arrangement:

MINI SUPER EZ PAK - Covers basic travel arrangements in China with the following features:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transfers between airports and hotels
  • Domestic transportation
  • China visa service                               
  • Daily breakfast

FULL SUPER EZ PAK - All-inclusive, independent tour package with pre-confirmed arrangements before departure:

  • Hotel accommodation         
  • Private car sightseeing with English-speaking guide
  • Transfers between airport and hotels
  • Domestic transportation
  • Baggage handling
  • China visa service

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